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Sneaky Good Hospitality is a company that is very passionate about food, fun, culture and its people.  We love Boston’s cultural diversity and we see its untapped potential to bring forth unique and needed experiences. It’s what we live for.





Sneaky Good Hospitality (SGH) is a hospitality and exclusive recreation company founded by Tyrone Di Stasi,  Jairo Dominguez and Richard Sullivan. From a small but large at heart, neighborhood local bar located on Federal Hill in Providence, SGH has evolved into one of Boston’s hospitality favorites. SGH extensive history working in Boston’s hospitality industry from the glory days of M-80 and Lansdowne Street to BarLola, they have built long lasting relationships with Boston’s elite industry talent. Our aim is simple, to create a culture of family both within our staff and certainly with our neighbors and customers. A place that takes you home where we fill your appetite with delicious food, great drink and your soul with laughter and cheers. 

SGH currently operates a few restaurants and bars: Rock&Rye (Boston, Massachusetts, Providence, RI), The Flamingo in the North End and Pinky’s on historical Newbury Street in the Back Bay.    

SGH seeks to transcend traditional hospitality models by offering multi-cultural, immersive experiences that are deeply-rooted in and inspired by relevant history, nostalgia and culture.  Every aspect of each concept is meticulously thought through, designed and extensively researched with the goal of transporting guests to a time and place upon arrival. They are created and operated with great focus of always being respectful of the past, exciting for the present, and looking towards the future. More than brick and mortar establishments, SGH’s brands represent a way of life, a lifestyle. We see ourselves as story-tellers. Our brands, the stage that write the story and provide our guests with unforgettable experiences.

We strive to create service and hospitality brands that combine high-energy, high-impact “fun” to ensure guests have the best possible experience. SGH has no plans of slowing down… we are on the prowl. We look to the horizon on the hunt for the perfect spaces to morph into a number of new concepts. Again, taking the company into new markets and cities that lack or are deficient in specific restraint and bar experience and culture.


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