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ROCK&RYE : American Bar


Sexy Italian

date: Coming Summer 2024

city: Boston, Seaport District

The perfect balance between elegance and excess. Aiming at offering the best, until the very last detail.


Our expert staff, working in concert, with plenty of time and care to lavish on our guests. A kitchen that excels in the search for and preparation of the finest raw materials, in creativity, in the mastery of cooking techniques. Service that’s extremely attentive, without being invasive. Italian hospitality is in the details, the ironed tablecloths and the polished silver. It is an ensemble of gestures that define a way of life. The table is where the journey begins. Our kitchen is not a list of ingredients or demonstration of technical abilities. It is a narration of the Italian landscape and our passions.  Cooking is a collision of ideas, techniques, and cultures. It is not mathematical. It is emotional.


Bambola! is designed to feel like you're dining al fresco in a glamorous Italian Villa with Murano sconces and chandeliers, heavy drapery, and sleek jewel-toned seating. It's a throwback to a gilded era, modernized with contemporary artwork. The cuisine, printed on an oversized menu, is an interpretation of Roman classics and Southern Italian fare and is presented in similar fashion to its paper menu: over-the-top and memorable. Servers (or captains, as they prefer you to call them) navigate seamlessly around each other in the sensuous dining space while oldies and classics blare over the speakers. Despite its grand, ornate environment, the dishes are meant to feel familiar and comfortable, like dining at Nonna's home on Sundays.


Madonna, che bambola!

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